Monday, May 20, 2013

Crazy Week! Week #3

Bonjour mes amis!

What a week! It was definitely an incredibly busy one, and full of ups and downs for sure.

Tuesday night we had the very awesome privilege of hearing Elder Russell M. Nelson speak to us. He gave such a fantastic talk about improving ourselves as missionaries and being good representatives of the Lord. My favorite thing that he said: "Draw attention to Christ, not to yourself. So have character, don't be one!" Very clever, profound words haha. But he talked so much about striving to rely on the atonement of Christ for strength and improving our character, and also how to be proactive, bold and not lazy as a missionary. He spoke true words of wisdom, and he inspired me to always step out of my comfort zone for the sake of the work!

Some of the other days have been tough. On Thursday we had a new investigator, Marc, who is of course another teacher pretending to be an investigator, but he was a tough case... apparently he hits his family and my companion and I were not ready for that haha. Out French was just suffering as well and we could not remember any of the things we studied to say. It was depressing, and I really felt bad afterwards. But later that day we had this session called TRC or Training Resource Center, where local Church members came in and we taught them a simple lesson. We taught this Tahitian woman, and she is probably the nicest woman I have met in my entire life. Even though our French was completely broken and difficult to understand, she still loved us, and we definitely loved her! The spirit was so strong during the lesson, and it improved my day for sure.

We also had a really great lesson on Saturday with Manuarii about the Plan of Salvation, and it was awesome! Elder Lovelock and I studied so hard, and we delivered like champions. We even were able to review stuff from the previous lesson with him. And here's the kicker: we went in without any notes! We remembered all of our phrases and vocab from memory, and we asked such awesome questions for him. It was definitely the gift of tongues at work, and it's amazing to see how quickly my French can improve in the matter of a week.

So to answer a few of my mother's questions, I'll go ahead and respond to them!

1. For exercise, I pretty much run around the indoor track for about ten minutes, use some of the machines in there, and then go play volleyball for the rest of the time. I'm really starting to enjoy volleyball quite a lot. Sometimes I go out to the field to play some beach volleyball in the sand pits, and that's way fun! I hope to play it enough times when I get to Tahiti. I find it more fun than basketball personally! I'm actually not bad at it, for real.

2. I often see friends from school here! This past week tons of people I recognize came in and it was so good to see them. I expect more to come in in the near future! As for people from my home stake, I haven't seen a lot of them yet but that will happen soon too!

3. I see Elder Herring quite a lot. it just so happens that he is in my zone, and lives just down the hall from me! It is such a blessing to be able to see him every day, talk about what we improved on and just relate with some old memories. It sure helps me when I start to miss and think about home sometimes. Elder Herring and I are meant to be friends I guess!

4. Pictures... I don't have much, but here ya go!
Here are the pictures:

1. My name tags!

2. A selfie... why not?

3. We went to the Papeete temple! Just kidding, it's a postcard

4. Elder Taylor from the last Lyon France district caught us some breakfast in the residence one night...


Anyway, there you go! Just some wise words from King Benjamin in Mosiah 2:17. "When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, you are only in the service of your God!" So always serve others around you, because they are God's children as well! And if you love God, then love his children as well. That's what I remember while I'm working!

Thank you for your letters and emails, and I love you all! Faitoito!

Avec l'amour,
Elder Ball

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