Monday, December 1, 2014

Ch ch ch changes (Bora Bora - week #7)

Ia ora na tatou!

Voila the end of a stacked week! And the end of flying solo in the sector of Anau! There's been some pretty sweet things that have happened this week, and some big news to add. 

So Elder Gilson, Elder Requillart and I were still together this week, sharing a little the work in the two wards trying to get as many lessons done as possible. We had the privilege to teach A----- again this week after a little while, since he was too busy to do the lessons the week before. we taught him the Plan of Salvation, and it was just one of those lessons where all three of us taught like bosses, and the Spirit worked through us and helped us explain and teach things perfectly. A----- understood everything, including the fall of Adam and redemption through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and what we need to do to merit the blessings of the Atonement. At the end of the lesson, he finally accepted to be baptized. We're so stoked for him, and we plan on helping him prepare and fix a date, since he still needs to respect the law of chastity.

We had a great time teaching this week, but the biggest news is that of the new ward that was created on the island. Something I forgot to mention when I came to Bora, I'm district leader for the island. And part of the reason why I was sent here was to get to know the island so that when President Bize comes, I'll be able to show him the newly formed areas so that he can get an idea of what they are all like, as well as become familiar with possible houses for the third companionship of missionaries to live in. Well, President and Sister Bize came this week and they took me around the island to show them everything for a little while. It was pretty cool to work with them and get to know them a little better. Felt kinda like an assistant (haha but really.) 

This picture was found on President Bize's Facebook page.  He took the picture
when visiting Bora Bora this week. Elder Ball with Elders Requillart and Gilson.
And with that, I'll announce the news of the transfer that will be going down to accommodate the new ward! So of course ill be staying here, in the Anau ward, and Elder Gilson will be staying in Vaitape while Elder Requillart will leave for Tahiti. So who's my new companion? You guessed it, I'm gonna be a papa again! Ill be training a new American elder named Elder Duncan. Elder Gilson will receive Elder Openshaw as a companion, and in the new ward Faanui, Elder Hansen will be coming in with a brand new French elder! I'm so stoked for this transfer. The new limits for Anau are the entire east coast of the island. It's also a little sad because a good amount of my investigators like A------- and T------ will be in the new limits of Vaitape, so Elder Gilson will be taking over with them. But he'll be losing a good amount of his investigators as well to Faanui. It'll be a big transition that we'll have to get used to and adapt to this next week. But I'm way excited for the new colleagues!

So to celebrate the creation of the new ward, the members of the Church on the island had a weekend full of activities. Friday night was a talent show where each of the three wards took an animated film as a theme and did a theatrical piece with that theme. Anau did the Prince of Egypt, and it was sooo stinkin' awesome! I'm proud to be a part of that ward. Saturday morning there was a sports day, and since there were a good amount of inactive members and amis there, President let us go play! We played volleyball, soccer, p├ętanque (which is like the french version of boche ball) and a relay. A good amount of the young adults of Anau wanted me to do the swimming portion of the relay for them. But of course President said no. Bummer!

Then of course, Sunday morning was the new ward creation and conference. They called two new bishops for Anau and Faanui, and Vaitape stayed the same. That means we have a new bishopric, and probably new presidencies in each function of the church. We're pretty much starting from scratch. Which is something that this ward has needed for a long time: a fresh start! With new leaders, new members and new boundaries, there are bound to be new investigators and new miracles accomplished. It'll probably take about a week to get used to all the changes, but it's good to start fresh! I'm way excited, and the members are as well.

Well it's a lot to explain and I hope it didn't bore you all but it's the biggest thing that's happened in the church here on Bora for at least 15 years. The goal is to create a 4th ward here on Bora by the year 2016, which means that the new stake of Bora Bora, Maupiti and Huahine will be created. That would be amazing. That's about all that i have time for, I love you all and have a great week! 

Elder Ball

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