Monday, January 5, 2015

New year, new energy (Bora Bora - week #12)

Ia ora na!

Happy new year to everybody! We had a great new year here in Bora Bora for Elder Duncan and I, as well as for the other missionaries. Again, we ended up eating like three plates of food on new years eve, with everything from oysters to pig to turkey and sashimi. And I can honestly say that after looking at gut at the end of this week, and gonna take up exercising in the morning again. 

Anyway, new years was nice, we did eat a good amount of food and took it pretty easy after a good day of work, in relation to everyone else on the island. If you guys can remmeber how it was on Tubuai at new years, it's pretty much the same here: everybody's drunk. It didn't seem as bad for me this year,either because I knew what to expect or because all the drunk dudes tried to kiss us instead of punch our faces. It's just funny how all the drunk guys wanna cause beef with the missionaries. I think Elder Duncan got quite a few bisous on the cheek this week. I said to him "you will never be kissed by as many men in your life as you will on your mission." True story though. Then new years eve, we're obedient and go to bed at 10:30, then we're awakened at midnight to earsplitting pops which in my sleepy head were gunshots, so I awake all freaked out to find that people were lighting straight fireworks in the field right next to our house! Haha it was nuts, but we got a kick out of it.

As for the work, it's still a little slow because a lot of investigators are out of town or choose to do other rather worldly things this time of year, so we didn't have to many lessons going for us this week. Which means that we took the time to contact all of the old investigators in our area book, visit inactive members and do straight up contacting and door to door. It was the best use of our time, and we were rewarded to find a good mount of potential investigators and have some great lessons with inactive members. 

There was one point when we ran out of old investigators to go see, and the door to door was getting old and Elder Duncan and I got a little tired and were not too sure what we could do next to best use our time. Elder Duncan suggested that we say a prayer to ask where we needed to go or what needed to be done. So we did, and after finishing our prayer we start continuing down the street with our bikes, and a little distance away we stop at the first house we see. It felt right. We call out and are greeted by a woman who happens to be an old investigator who wasn't in our area book. We talk to her a little bit, and she asks us if we could help her teenage son who suffers from serious mental stress. We get to know the son and talk to him a little bit, and he agrees to receive a priesthood blessing. Once he's blessed, he tells us that he feels calm and relieved, and would like to have us over again next week. So we'll be going back over there to that family next week to see them. I can say that the Lord straight answered our prayer, and pretty much immediately, because it was a family that needed our help and could be prepared to receive the gospel. I'm grateful for that quick response, because other times they come a little later!

That's about all I'll include for this week, but we're ready for things to start picking up again and for investigators to come back to town. Here's some photos from our P-day hike today. Love you all, and happy new year!

Elder Ball

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