Monday, August 26, 2013

Time flies! (Week #6 in Papeete Pirae 2)

Ia ora na!

Another week flown by just like that! Already halfway done with my training, and it's ridiculous to look back and see how much I've learned in the past six weeks. I still plan on learning even more in the next six weeks, so now's the time to shine!

This week was a little slower, a little disappointing. Julie and William cancelled their lessons for this week and said to wait for next week. We're wondering if they just took advantage of us to use the chapel for their reception, but we're keepin' our hopes up high and we'll see about this week! Also Tehaunui pretty much cancelled every time we tried to meet with him, and he didn't show up to either the baptism or to Church. Let me tell ya that was frustrating! I love these people and its totally a bummer to have them flake out on us. We'll just keep pushing forward with them!

On the other hand, we found a few more investigators this week. We met three ladies out on the street the other day, Lani, Orama and Corine. They're all friends, and we taught em a little bit about God and the family, and they we're pretty stoked about our thoughts on that so they decided to start taking lessons together with us. They're super fun and ecstatic about having happiness in the family, so that's perfect for us. We teach them again tomorrow, and I'm stoked!

Other cool things that happened this week, we had a zone conference with three other zones this week down in Faaa. President Sinjoux is the man! He knows just how to motivate us to work our hardest. He also knows how to make us question if we work hard enough in the first place! So it was a good chance for me to reflect and ask myself if I was confident enough in my calling as a representative of Jesus Christ. I'm pretty shy sometimes, not gonna lie, and the language barrier doesn't help much with that problem. But I'm definitely gonna focus more on gaining confidence and trusting in the power and authority of my calling. Good stuff there!

We also had a Missionary Musical Program last night. It was a program that we've been preparing since I got here, and it was sweet! It was a choir of our zone, Papeete, with another zone Arue. I played the piano for all the songs, and it was way fun. Reminded me of my days in Zion Youth Choir! Hahaha good stuff, we're gonna be doing the same program three more times in the next few weeks. The purpose is to have investigators come and understand missionary work through a musical perspective. Unfortunately none of our investigators came last night, but that's why we have it three more times.

Well that's about it for this week. Language is getting better, I'm going on my first legit split tonight with the DMP for family night at an inactive family's home, while Elder Martinson goes with someone else to a member family with potential investigators. My French will be tested tonight!

Shout out to Grandpa and Grandma Call for starting their mission in Salt Lake City East! Love you two!

Ua here roa vau ia outou, e ua ti'ai au e e mea maitai roa te oraraa no outou!

Elder Ball

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