Monday, April 14, 2014

When teachers become students (Tavararo week #6)

Bonjour tout le monde!
Life still continues to roll on in Tavararo. We've had some good experiences with our investigators this week with lots of potential building up. I feel like all of our investigators are progressing at the same rate, so in the end all these investigators will be baptized at once and things will just explode here. Potential.
I’ll start off with Y---and H-----. We taught em an awesome lesson on the Law of Chastity and marriage and things were just going awesome, the Spirit was there and they agreed with what we taught. This was the lesson when we wanted to commit them for a date for marriage and a baptism date for H-----. We originally planned to commit for May 17th, but right before the lesson both Elder Twede and I felt we needed to push it back for the 24th. So we taught, and then proposed the date, and they looked at each other surprised. It was a good thing that we chose to push the date back, because the 24th happens to be Y---'s birthday, and just two days before H----'s birthday. They were impressed that that was the day that they needed to get married and for H----- to be baptized. They agreed, and they said that they will pray to know if that's what really needs to be done. Coincidence? Don't think so. So cool!
We also had another good lesson with M----. She's really been profiting from these family nights at President Sinjoux's home and getting a lot of chances to feel the Spirit. We taught a short and sweet lesson on Christ's mortal ministry, and at the end we asked her if she had any other thoughts or questions, and she thanked us for the lessons and explained that she wanted to learn so much more and that she felt that this was true. She then said "I know Jesus Christ exists." Now if you remember from my last email, I said that this was a woman who didn't believe in God, and now shes testifying that Jesus lives. Needless to say, we committed her for baptism and she said yes. Such a blessing to be able to help her follow the Spirit, and such a blessing to just have the Spirit working in her.
One last experience before I end, we were teaching a new investigator named T---- about the Restoration. He didn't really believe in the story of Joseph Smith or the first vision, so we asked him to pray about it. We taught him the way to pray sincerely to our Heavenly Father, and he was stoked about it. He said "you mean its not just repetitions every time I pray? Awesome, its like talking with God, talking with a real person." Then he says, "We shouldn't pray because we have to, but because we want to." Words of gold from an investigator’s mouth. That taught me a lot, because it gave me a chance to reflect and think "am I praying because I want to, or because I have to?" I found out that sometimes my prayers are pretty half-baked, sometimes lacking in sincerity because of tiredness. Gave me a good kick in the pants to strengthen my prayers a little bit. It was a nice friendly reminder.
It was a good week, and I’m looking forward to another! Love you all, until next time!
Elder Ball

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