Monday, April 7, 2014

What day is it today? (Tavararo week #5)

Ia ora na tatou!
Yet another week in the ghetto, and it just keeps getting busier. Life is definitely good, but when you work so hard every day you kinda start to lose track of where you are. The only reason why I knew what day of the week it was during the week was the fact that we were counting down to general conference (which was most bodacious, by the way). You just start to go with the flow after a while, let the Spirit push you where he wants.
Tuesday night we had yet another family night at President Sinjoux's home. This time he invited the brother of H---- (the guy who was there last time) named M--- and his family. And again, it was another fantastic family night and M--- liked it a lot, so we fixed a lesson for the next day! So Wednesday we arrive, and we find out that M--- went out to drink after work, so we ended up teaching his wife and daughter-in-law (whose names I cant remember right now, I know I'm awful). Anyway it was a good lesson, because M---'s wife really believes in science and evolution and, frankly, has a hard time believing that there is a God. This was the first time in Tahiti that I've taught someone like this since almost everyone is Christian, so it was a great teaching moment to just testify of God's love for us and that he most certainly exists. We kind of started to talk about how science was created by God, and how its sort of the blueprint of how he created the world. It was super interesting to talk about how religion and science most definitely can go together and there are still lots of unsolved mysteries. She accepted our message and felt the Spirit. I'm looking forward to more lessons with this family!
Wednesday night we also had another lesson with I--- and H--- about the Book of Mormon. I just want to say that I love teaching about the Book of Mormon, because it's something that's changed my life and let me feel the love of God. While teaching this lesson I realize more and more how important this book is for the world and without it there would be no fullness of the gospel still lots of questions unanswered. I know that book is true, because the feeling acquired while reading it is like none other, and I have asked of God if its true and he has answered. I'm so excited for when H---- will have the chance to be reading it for the first time.
I honestly have a hard time remembering everything that has happened this week, so I think I'll keep it short and finish with a thought I had about general conference. We were able to go at a nice and early 6 am to watch all the sessions. One that I loved was Elder Russell M. Nelson from Saturday afternoon. He talked about how 'religion' means 'tie back to God', and how we must have faith, or rather tie our faith to our Heavenly Father. The question then arises, what do we tie our faith to in our life? The correct answer is God, and only God, because he's, well, God. There are times when we are swayed by public opinion or popularity that go against God's laws. No matter what the popular choice is, we must always stick with God's commandments, and have faith in his guidelines and standards rather than the world's. He's our Father, and He knows whats best.
That's it for this week! We're always excited to continue teaching our investigators toward making eternal promises with Heavenly Father.

Love you all!
Elder Ball
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