Monday, March 31, 2014

Blessings, but whats new? (Tavararo week #4)

Ia ora na tatou pauroa i teie mahana nehenehe!
Elder Twede and I have just had perhaps the busiest week in our mission. And it'll probably just get busier. Its been a lot of biking, planning, splits with the members, teaching, and of course, a lot of Spirit.
Sunset view over Moorea from our house
First of all, the baptism with Nadine was excellent! This whole week leading up to the baptism, Satan's been doing a good job of poking and prodding her, and people in her neighborhood have been giving her a hard time about her decision. But Nadine is seriously awesome and since she has a testimony none of that stuff mattered to her and of course, she persevered up until the baptism. It was an awesome experience for her and her inactive husband, who was super touched by the Spirit. This was a woman who was prepared by the Lord to enter into the fold. She was ready since the day we found her. We're happy for her, and she'll be a great help to the ward as well.
Me chillin on a wall
Apart from that, I would like to talk about the two investigators that kinda fell into our laps last week. We had a great lesson with Hélene, the woman who came to church last week. She lives with two other inactive woman named Morehu and Stéphanie. It was an amazing lesson because Morehu and Stéphanie felt the Spirit and remembered the importance of the gospel in their lives and how God really does love them. Morehu then bore powerful testimony of how she still knows that these things are true and are a true help for the family, and Hélene began to tear up and say that that is what she truly wants for her family. It was a powerful moment, and these two inactive sisters will play a huge role in the conversion of Hélene, as well as their own conversion. Were gonna have a family night with them tonight and a lesson tomorrow morning. Things will be great with them.
Nice rainbow view from our house
And then there's Ioan and Heimiti. Words cannot describe how much I love this couple. Ioan is one of the nicest, chillest dudes I've ever met, and Heimiti is already so in tune to the Holy Ghost that its insane. We taught them the Restoration of the gospel this week. This was a lesson in which we taught simply, clearly and with the Spirit like never before. After teaching this message, we asked Ioan if hes getting all this. He says to us, "Honestly, I've been a member my whole life and I never understood what that means to have the restored gospel of Jesus Christ... now I understand. God truly loves his children." Heimiti said that she felt that what we were saying was true, and that the Holy Ghost was truly testifying to her. So we committed her to baptism, and she said yes! This week, our plan is to talk a little more about marriage, and we hope to fix a date for their baptism and marriage. Such humble people who want to follow the Lord.
Passin a little bit of free time with some amis
I'm actually out of time to say much else. I just want to bear my testimony on the importance of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet, and that God still speaks to his children today. The Church that Jesus Christ himself established is now on the earth.

Love you all, until next week!
Elder Ball
Our District!

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