Monday, March 10, 2014

Life in the ghetto (Tavararo - week #1)

Ia ora na tatou!
Life for me has definitely changed, with the coming of the transfer. This last week, I spent my two last days in Tubuai before leaving Wednesday for Tahiti. It was a little sad, because I grew to love everyone here so much. The investigators, the members, such a beautiful place! We spent my last night there at a young single adult activity, making pizzas and crêpes. It was awesome because Charles and John, a couple of our investigators, were there enjoying the fun. Such a good way to end it at Tubuai, and I felt I grew even closer to these two guys. Its always like that before a transfer; stronger bonding right before leaving.
With that, Wednesday morning brought the transfer to my new area, Tavararo, and I will say right now that I couldn't be in a more different place than Tubuai. Tavararo is a section of the city of Faaa, the most populated city on the island. That means that here in Tavararo, there are tons of people... tons of houses, cars, stores, just tons. In addition, they aren't necessarily nice houses or cars or stores either. The houses really are pretty shabby, normally cement or plywood walls with a tin roof, all crammed next to each other all up the mountainside. Down closer by the ocean, there's the Tahiti airport and the main road with lots of stores and roach coaches. Here you will see tons of different people; kids dancing in the alleyways, old drunk guys playing guitar and ukulele and gambling, even crazy dread locked dudes with a tattooed face pretending to have visions. I would honestly call it the ghetto, except for the fact that there are no guns in Tahiti. With that being said, I love it here! Its a good change, and it means that there are lots and lots of people who need the gospel.
My companion is Elder Twede, from Utah. He plays the piano like a champ, and he enjoys volleyball. I'm super glad to have him as my companion, because we're both pretty similar. We hope to use our piano playing prowess to maybe win some new investigators. Its gonna be awesome. We're gonna be a good team, and that's important because we got a lot of work here to do.  Elder Twede and I are really gonna start organizing things a little better here, getting to know better all the investigators and the members, and planning better with our ward leaders to find new investigators. A lotta clean up to do!

So far my time back on Tahiti has been absolutely excellent. The members of the ward are super nice, like normal. We had a baptism for two girls, Pairu and Heitiare, who I never taught but it was still a great moment to witness! And Sunday night, all the missionaries came together to do a concert for the Paea stake. The concert was absolutely amazing, and the Spirit was so strong! The plan is that the concert will come to every stake on Tahiti. I'm so excited for when that comes to Faaa, because the number of new investigators could shoot up enormously if the concert was anything close to like it was last night. Such a great, great experience.
I'm so glad to be a part of the work here on Tahiti. It really is different than Tubuai, a lot more action and a different mentality. The work is still challenging, for sure! But it is clear that the Lord is hastening His work on this island. Miracles happen here.
That's about it for the week! Next week i'll get a little more in depth about the investigators, and maybe send some pictures. Love you all, keep the faith and a faaitoito!

Elder Ball

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