Monday, March 3, 2014

Movin' on (Week #21 in Tubuai)

Ia ora na tatou!
I hope everybody had a good week! Out here on Tubuai, it's been a tough week. Elder Teihotu and I had some problems with health that held us up this week, so there has not been a lot of excitement. Just thought I'd say though that my time on Tubuai has come to an end. Tuesday I got a transfer call; This next week will be my last week here as I will be transferred to the Tavararo ward, in the Faaa stake on Tahiti. Its been awesome here out on Tubuai, where its calm and chill. But I can happily say that I'm ready to get back to Tahiti, where life is a little faster and energizing. After I've told everyone that I'd be leaving to Tavararo, people have told me a little about how it's like there. Two descriptions that I've heard are "ganja central" and "tough guys". Awesome. As excited as I am to go somewhere new, I'll miss everyone here on Tubuai. Ive never come to love people in my life as I have here.
Aside from this piece of news, some disappointments have come up with some amis. H----, T---- and their children have, once again, been kicked out of their house. H-----'s mom told the woman who's renting the little cabin out to H---- and T---- to kick the family out. Come on, how far do ya gotta go... so, this family of 6 is living in their car now. The whole situation is tough. Its really hard to help them out, because they don't use their money in the greatest way (drugs, booze, etc.), and its really because of that that they don't have a place to live. But for now, were just trying to help them find a place to live, and encouraging T---- to find some work. It really is sad. The church is helping them out as much as possible, but a lot of it is on their free agency as well to do more to get out of this hole. Unfortunately we haven't been able to teach them, because whenever we show up they aren't there! Its so tough to see them like this, when we know exactly how to change their life, but they aren't as serious as is necessary.
We have had some great success with an inactive member. A------- last year he made a pretty big mistake and fell in that hole we like to call inactivity. For a couple months now, we've been making some visits with him and his family and have done a couple family nights with them. Its good to say that he's had the courage to go talk with the branch president and get things sorted out. We've seen some good progress with him, he's definitely more confident and humble now in searching for healing. Just another example of someone I've come to love enormously!
Not a whole lot else for this week. The normal P day activities consist of B-Ball and cleaning the house. We did just come back from some eel fishing in the river. Basically Elder Weeler took some extra fishing line, attached a hook with some bread and tossed it in the river. I don't think he was really expecting to catch something, but he came up with an eel! So were all like "do it again, bro!" Pretty good times just messing around.
That's about it! The next time i write, ill be in Faaa in a new area. Thanks for your prayers and your love, the work was great on Tubuai. Love you all!

Elder Ball

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