Monday, July 7, 2014

Good changes (Vairao - week 10)

Ia ora na tatou!
This week brought a ton of new changes into the missionary life. First of all, we had a transfer happen this morning and Elder Larsen was transferred to Hitiaa, on the other side of the island. It was way tough to see him go, because for him he truly loved our ward and him and I grew pretty close. He'll boss it up over there in his new area. That means that Elder Tera will be my new companion! He's from Papeete, and he's already 22 months through his mission. I could be the one to "kill" him (meaning I'm his last companion). He's way chill, hes super into surfing and long boarding, so we get along good. It also means that for a few weeks I'll be taking the reins and leading the area, in addition to the whole zone (gulp...). Hopefully I won't utterly destroy things while leading!
We had some very special opportunities this week. Were continuing the lessons with R------ after a small stand-by, since he's been too busy to see us recently. He's doing great, he's been awesome in terms of the Word of Wisdom and he smokes rarely these days. Even without the lessons he hast ceased to pray or read the scriptures. What a stud!

He also asked us to give blessings to his parents, who also aren't members. So one day Elder Larsen and I show up to their home to do a lesson with R------. He wasn't there, but his parents were, and they asked us to give them blessings for some sicknesses that they have. This is a golden opportunity for any missionary. We gave both S-------, the mother, and M-----, the father, blessings, and the Spirit was so incredibly strong during those moments. After we finished, M----- went to go get us something to drink while S-------, with tears in her eyes, explained to us that she felt a real warm feeling while we gave the blessing. She said it was something that she felt like she needed for a long time. What an incredible blessing it was to take part in that! We feel that this family could be a huge potential. We'll be keeping close contact with them.
We also had a mission conference with our new mission president, President Bize. He truly has a different personality that President Sinjoux, but he is way awesome. He is incredibly energetic and pretty hilarious, and he has a solid testimony on the Book of Mormon, him himself being a convert to the church. He'll bring a lot to this mission, he's someone who is easy to love and very personable.
Life is good in the zone and in the area. Just trying to keep cool and love life. I love you all and have a good week!

Elder Ball

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