Monday, July 14, 2014

So much power in one little book part 2 (Vairao - week 11)

Ia ora na!
First week with Elder Tera was a success. He's the bomb, and its good to be the getting the languages down with the native companion. We've had some ups and downs in our area this week, but we're expecting things to improve with the coming weeks. We've been working HARD, man.

First off, there's been tons of things happening here in Vairao this weekend. For one, it's the world cup finals so everyone turns off their brain for a bit to watch the tele. For another, there were town elections, and I'm not joking politics here are like a sporting event. The elections take place Sunday, and the Saturday before is madness. Everyone goes out in the streets with their cars and huge speaker systems and parades around the city with colored flags and T-shirts representing the political group that they support. They play super loud music and honk their horns, and the different groups go into open fields and do cheers... What? Even my Tahitian companion scratches his head about this behavior. Its absolute madness, all about a town election that probably makes no difference in the outcome. Like I said in another email,, Tahitians look for excuses to party!
Its been a pain for Elder Tera and I, mostly because the work dwindles. In spite of the neighborhood family night, the sacrament meeting in which we spoke, and our Sunday night fireside that we put on this week, we didn't have much fruit, since members and amis were out doing other things. Its good to see where everyone's priorities are! We saw it coming, but that's why we pushed for so much activity in the ward for the week. We're hoping that next week will yield greater results in terms of our activities with the ward.
Like I said, we were blessed with some ups to balance out the downs! Friday we had a lot of free time, so Elder Tera and I decided to go out to Fenua Aihere to do look for some teaching opportunities. We met some cool people who are interested in the gospel. Among them is the grandmother of Elder Firuu, my old companion! She's already received the lessons, and she received us and was impressed with our Tahitian, so she wants to see us again. We expect to go even further out into the wilderness some other time to find others who are ready to receive us. Also,I  snapped a sweet photo while we were out there. It was a full moon that night, it was rad.
Full moon in the Fenua Aihere wilderness
We also had a sweet lesson with T-----. He has had a hard time believing the importance of authority in baptizing, since he was already baptized Protestant. Last week we read 3 Nephi 11 with him, and asked him to pray about the Book of Mormon and its teachings on baptism. Sunday we were able to meet with him, and in doing the follow up he said "I thought about it a little bit... I want to be rebaptized." Score! He said in the past week he's had really powerful, spiritual witnesses in reading the Book of Mormon, and he recognized the need for proper baptism. What a blessing to have after a somewhat difficult weekend!
Like I said maybe two weeks ago, the Book of Mormon is absolute power. That was actually the subject of my talk in sacrament meeting on Sunday. When the Spirit testifies to us of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, it all becomes clear what needs to be done in our life. Without the Book of Mormon, we don't have all the information that we need, despite the existence of the Bible. Its pretty clear, seeing how many churches can't agree with one another in their interpretations of the Bible. Surely God didn't want so much confusion among His children. I once again bear my testimony that the Book of Mormon is true, it is the word of God.
That's a wrap for this week! Love you all.
Elder Ball

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