Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Small but significant progression (Vairao - week #14)

Ia ora na tatou!
I'll be brief this week, but its been a good one! Elder Tera and I have had a lot of lessons this week, so things are starting to pick back up again after summer vacation. Were really trying to get the members going in the missionary work. Were in the process of planning a temple trip in a couple weeks that should yield much fruit. Were looking forward to exploding this sector. Some solid lessons that we've had, we've started teaching a less active member named E------ whose companion is not a member. They have a son whose a member in the Teacher's quorum whose been having a hard time coming as well. We had a solid lesson about the atonement and repentance. We cut right to the chase and invited E------to get married, and he accepted. Hes someone who wants to change his life and come back to the goodness that he once know as a child, as well as be a good example for his son. Unfortunately his wife hasn't accepted the lessons, but we'll see in the next little bit.
We had an interesting lesson with an Adventist pastor as well. He's actually the father of one of our other investigators, P------, so he was there for her lesson. Surprisingly it wasn't a typical bible bash on the Sabbath day. We started out by teaching P------ and explaining how to recognize the Holy Ghost, then the father starts telling us how he felt similar things one time, when he received the gift of healing... He told us about when he went around at the hospital one week just healing everybody with his gift that he had. My companion and I didn't really know how to respond, but we just said yes that was the Holy Ghost that he felt and the the Holy Ghost could help him know other things, like if the Book of Mormon is true, then we just taught him about that. He's a super nice guy with tons of faith. God must help his children through their faith even without the Priesthood. But next time we meet him, were ready to talk about the Sabbath.
Recently I've been struggling with the fact that a lot of our investigators progress slowly, whether it be not receiving answers to prayers or thanks to many worldly problems in their life, such as drugs, couple abuse, poverty, even crimes that have left them fairly scarred. However, these are people that want the Gospel and want to learn, and find solace in our lessons and in feeling the Spirit. Little by little their life does get better, but like I said, i struggle with the fact that its little by little and not miraculously in one week, and sometimes get impatient. Luckily I saw this video this week. http://bcove.me/0djeoayt
It made me realize that God works with his children according to their needs, little by little, according to a timing that He himself sees fit. Not always will people be able to change their life so quickly like I've seen with other investigators. But as long as they learn the Gospel and strive honestly to apply it, Heavenly Father will bless them and help them simply because He love them. But it takes patience.
That's the week! Thank you all for you love and your prayers, have yourselves a great week as well!

Elder Ball

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