Monday, April 6, 2015

Poisson d'Avril (April's Fool Day) Bora Bora - week #25

Ia ora na!

Ehhh... I'll be honest, the week was a tougher one, but nonetheless with some cool experiences here and there. Wednesday was probably the worst day, Satan pulled a massive April fools on us by making sure that all six of our lessons for the day were cancelled. In addition to that, we were supposed to get a car that day, which is really needed at this point with the amount of lessons that we could be having without having to bike up to three hours of the day. But of course we get a call that it actually wont be coming until next week! Man it was pretty disappointing, but hey whats one more week out of the 4 months that we've already been enduring on bike?

The lessons we did have were not bad. We got a couple new investigators on Tuesday thanks to another neighborhood family night from last week. One of them was this big woman named Linda, who was once hard-core Protestant, and she had raised a lot of questions and thoughts during the family night last week. During our first lesson with her this week she spent a lot of time talking about her life story, about how her husband had a stroke and that he would soon return to Bora after having spent some time at the hospital at Tahiti. Then she starts asking a lot of questions about family, if it was possible to see them again after death. She displayed a lot of uncertainty on the subject of life after death. Elder Duncan and I eat those kind of questions up, and we talked about eternal families and God's priesthood power to seal families for eternity. It was a sweet lesson, and again it reaffirms my faith in this gospel that it answers all our deepest, most intimate questions, and it's so awesome to help people receive the answers to these questions.

Friday there was a ward activity at the beach, so we had the chance to go and spend time with members and investigators there. It's moments like that when we feel really close with the members of the ward, and they gain trust in us as we show our support in their activities. It helps me appreciate Bora so much, the beauty of the place and the greatness of the people.

We were supposed to watch conference as well this week, but since there is no satellite at the chapel they attempted to display it by Internet, so most of the time it buffered or cut out or crashed. I didn't have the chance to see much apart from the Saturday and Sunday morning sessions, but what I did see I loved. As always I enjoy Elder Holland's talk, which was on the Atonement, a fitting theme for Easter.

That's about the gist for the week, and the last for Elder Duncan here at Bora. I'll be getting Elder Swartz next week, as well as... a new car! I love you all, have a great week!

Elder Ball

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