Monday, June 9, 2014

Seeing the vision (Vairao - week #6)

Ia ora na tatou!
Its been a solid, edifying week for me, going on my 6th week in Vairao. As a zone leader it is truly a blessing to know more how to be a leader, and I learn so many things. It truly is a growing moment in my mission, reaching new horizons and capacities in my understanding and teaching of the Gospel.
First of all, we got a couple new investigators this week named K--- and A-----. A----- is one of those people searching for the truth, who have always seen the missionaries pass by and wanted to talk to them but hasn't had the chance to. She finally had the chance last week when a member coordinated a service project to build a cabin for her and her husband. I guess the Lord has been merciful to us despite our blindness and gave us the opportunity to serve them! We went to the project, fixed a lesson with them in the week and started teaching them. They really are a nice couple, with a little boy named T------. They've been deep into the Bible just trying to do whats right and following Christ. We can see good things happening with them in the future!
We also had the great blessing of the last leadership meeting with President Sinjoux. It was an awesome meeting with some inspired talks from the assistants and President. Something that he said was that we cant always be too content with our work, even when we see a billion baptisms, that we must always strive to do more and follow the Spirit and reach heavenly capacities that our beyond our own. He encouraged us to get rid of anything that will obstruct us from the inspiration and godly power of the Spirit. Its much easier said than done, but it helps us understand that we are capable of so much! I'm gonna miss President, hes a stud.
After the meeting, Elder Larsen and I had the chance to do an exchange with the assistants. Elder Larsen went out to Papeete while I stayed in Vairao with Elder Teriihaunui. It was one of the greatest learning experiences that Ive had my entire mission! Elder Teriihaunui is an exceptional missionary, and his example of following the Spirit, careful studying and truly understanding the scriptures changed my view of learning the gospel. We had some good lessons together, and he truly helped me search for the Spirit and feel more confident in my teaching. Hes way hilarious as well, he isn't afraid to tell people how it is either. We had a party together! The assistants are pretty high quality missionaries who set a standard for everyone. It motivated me to get to that point!
Perhaps the highlight of the week would have to be Sunday night, when Elder Larsen and I put on a fireside for the members of the ward. Our goal was to have the members and us the missionaries united in the same cause, to have the same vision, which is that through combined efforts we can realize five baptisms a month (which is a goal set by the Stake in fact). We talked about how the only way to attain that goal was if new investigators were found through member efforts. So Elder Larsen and I gave a couple talks to help them know what they can do in the finding and conversion process of an investigator. We showed a couple awesome video clips, and gave the time to a member and a recent convert who was found by that member to bear testimony of the power of member efforts. It was an absolute success, and we extended the challenge to everyone who showed up to invite new amis to a ward activity and sacrament meeting in a couple of weeks and help out in the missionary lessons with these new amis. Everyone was stoked, and the Spirit bore witness of the truth. Elder Larsen and I probably gave the greatest talks that we have ever given, better than any talk in English for sure. Such a blessing to have that chance!
It was a solid week, and I'm grateful to Heavenly Father for helping us in this work and lending his power, so that we can fill the shoes of the greatest life that ever lived, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love you all, and have a great week

Elder Ball

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