Monday, June 23, 2014

No long email from Casey this week (Vairao - week #8)

[This was an email from Casey. It was the height of the World Cup, with everyone glued to their TVs.  I think the missionaries underestimate the impact that it has on their work. I had asked him if the World Cup was a big deal.]
Hey Mom,
Thanks for the email! We actually don't have a lot of free time today so I'm not gonna write a big email. The whole zone had another tough week this week, we ended up not having a baptism in any of the areas, but it's probably because of the transfers. We had a transfer in almost every single companionship, except for mine and Elder Larsen. We got a new elder in our house named Elder Abbate from France, he used to be Jehovah Witness and he's way awesome. He's being trained by Elder Brown, who just finished his training. Things are great in the house.
It was tough this week because we have spent weeks preparing a ward activity which consisted of multiple activity stations like dance, sport, cooking, stuff like that. Saturday, the day of the activity, about half of the people responsible for the groups cancelled last minute, and basically no one came to the activity despite being announced like everywhere. Needless to say it was a failure! But Elder Larsen and I decided that failures make grown men out of babies or babies out of grown men, depending on how you react. We decided to be grown men and kinda forget that it all happened I guess! Were hoping for a better week. We actually do have two baptisms scheduled for us next week.
And yes the World Cup is big news here, since it's a French territory. Of course the missionaries stay in a state of oblivion but that's normal.
That's about it. I love you mom, hope that you are all fine.
Elder Ball

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