Monday, June 16, 2014

Sometimes you hit a wall (Vairao- week #7)

Ia ora na tatou paatoa!
Alright, this week has been great overall. But like my title suggests, sometimes missionaries hit a wall. And I admit that this week was one of those weeks! After a succession of pretty action packed weeks here at Vairao, Elder Larsen and I got a little unlucky with tons of lessons cancelled, some baptisms pushed back and sickness. It felt like that we hit a straight up wall because we were building a lot of momentum the past few weeks, and this week felt like one of the slowest, progress-lacking weeks that we've had in a while. But that's alright, because despite the trials there's always some highlights in the week and hope for better weeks ahead! Its good to have a nice P-Day to recharge a little and get our heads together.
This week we actually went on splits with a couple of Priest-age young men one day, Curtis and Hitinui. It was an awesome learning experience for everyone and the young men had the chance to practice teaching and proclaiming the gospel. I went out with Hitinui, and we were able to talk to a lot of people, practice our OLB (ouvrir la bouche=open the mouth) and do a couple of lessons. It was good times, and doing splits like this strengthens the bonds between us and the members, and I hope that it helps the young men out a ton too in preparing for their own missions.
We had a couple lessons with A----- and K--- this week. Our first one was Tuesday, and we had a super lesson with them about the Restoration that answered all of A-----'s questions about where to find the truth. She and Karl dug it. Then during the split, Elder Larsen and Curtis went to see em again (sadly I wasn't there for the lesson but I wanna talk about it anyway cuz its flippin sweet). According to what Elder Larsen told me, A---- had read up to 1 Nephi 15 in the Book of Mormon since the visit just two days before and was talking about it like she was a BYU religion professor. She then asked if we had more scriptures, and when they replied yes she demanded that she have it all. Next time we plan on giving her the triple combination as well as some teachings of the modern prophets. That is what you call hungering and thirsting after righteousness.
There are always amazing things that happen in the work, despite the other difficulties that are so common in missionary life. I can say that there is nothing at all in this world quite like being a full time missionary. I wouldn't trade these experiences for anything else, and I probably wont realize the impact that they have had on my life until I return home.
That's the good stuff for this week, I love you all and keep the faith!

Elder Ball

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