Monday, March 23, 2015

At last (Bora Bora - week #23)

Ia ora na!

Another week gone by, and with some great news. Three months from the day we first met him in the street, Taro has entered into the waters of baptism. Like most investigators, he had to make quite a few changes in his life to qualify for these sacred covenants, but he made em! Within the last couple of weeks, his desire to be baptized has grown so much, and he's still holding on tight till this day. It was a blessing to see him grow this much, and at last this ward has seen a baptism, the first of the year! Two in fact! It was a joined baptism with a primary child, Tamatea, the son of Stephanie and Eduard, a recently reactivated family that we visited for a while. It was a great service, and Elder Duncan and I had the privilege of baptizing the two. 

Things are going great with our other investigators. C----- and K----- came to the baptismal service, and they were touched, and had the chance to discuss with other ward members, and it looks like they might be advancing their marriage date now. We'll see! S---- and H---- came as well, and they felt the Spirit. We decided to push their baptism back until April because of certain issues, but they're still excited about the gospel and desire baptism more than anything else.

Things are going okay in the ward. Elder Duncan and I are just doing our best to work with all the members so that things can get moving a little faster. That's the good things about being a missionary, you learn how ward organization works, you don't really see church work in the same way that you see it before. It's interesting.

That's the news! I love you all, we're gonna go out on a boat to the motu today, so we're stoked for that. Have a great week!

Elder Ball

Anau love

Tout le monde

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