Monday, March 16, 2015

Short email (Bora Bora - week #22)

Ia ora na tout le monde!

Here's a trunky letter, I don't have too much time to write today so I'll just leave a little low down on what's been happening. Taro is doing good, should be having his baptism soon and we're praying and working to help him get ready! He's been doing a good job leaving behind the things of the world and starting to understand the doctrine, and he's been coming to church which is sweet. K---- and C---- still have the same marriage problem, but our love for them is still the same and they still make so much learning progress. T--- and T--- are starting to truly understand the importance of praying to know that these things are true as they face the dilemma of leaving the Pentacostal church that they came to love. S---- and H----- came to church this weekend and they are still as solid as when we met them last week. Things are looking good, as hard as it is to help them all progress. What we need the most is more member support, so we're gonna be working to gain more of that!

I love you all, and I wanted to leave you some photos of one of the greatest Tahitian meals I've had in a long time at Sam's house, the high council member in our ward. He's the bomb.

Peace out, until next week!

Elder Ball
The meal. Lobster, pig stir fry over rice, ipo (tahitian cake), poisson cru, taro and fafaru. And that's not even seconds


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