Monday, March 9, 2015

More surprises (Bora Bora - week #21)

Ia ora na mes amis!

It was a great week for Elder Duncan and I, with some more popped tires and another 100 or so kilometers added to the meter. It was one of those weeks where there's some real good, enriching experiences, as well as some disappointing ones, and it all makes you love being a missionary and love the work!

The week started out good with a family night at the home of the first counselor of the bishopric, frere Florian. He had invited a couple over, H----- and S-----, who had previously been to another family night with them. We watched a video on the Atonement and had the chance to teach a little. Then at the end, S----- shared her thoughts, about how she really felt something while she watched the video and in the other family night and how she wanted to join the church. So we fixed a lesson with them for the next day, taught the Restoration, committed them to be baptized at the end of this month and they accepted! Before we had extended the invitation, H----- asked why it was important to be baptized, and we told him that we receive a remission of our past sins through it and that it's the door to eternal life. And as we explained that, it was just one of those moments when you feel the Spirit blanket tangibly over you, and you look over at H----- and you can tell that he's feeling the same thing, cuz he just starts smiling and crying and saying how he's wanted something like that for a long time now because of the mistakes he's made in the past. It was powerful. We just did our job, and I'm grateful for the Holy Ghost who played the greater role as the true teacher in that situation.

Then there's the disappointing experience... and it was with C----and K----. We show up to their house this week, and at the beginning of the lesson they explained how they were planning on going to the city hall to cancel their marriage... NOOOO!!! They wanted more time and money to plan a bigger marriage, to make sure that their house was well renovated to accommodate all the friends and family they decided to invite, and they were too embarrassed to ask for help from anybody else... they plan on a June marriage. For them getting married in the next month was impossible, and they were convinced. It was a moment when Elder Duncan and I just think "Father, please help us know what to say..." They are so ready for baptism, and the only thing keeping them from that is marriage!  We explain that to them, and Elder Duncan shared a touching experience about how God had answered his prayers in a seemingly impossible situation, and that with faith we can accomplish God's commandments and miracles can be wrought. It was another spiritually powerful experience, and they said that they'll think on it some more, but they were pretty decided on going to the city hall today to push the date all the way back. We're praying that they'll stay strong!

Eh, that's the mission for ya. Gotta love it, gotta love it. These last 8 weeks or so have been some of the most impressive on my whole mission, and I look forward to these last 10, cuz I know they'll be the most memorable. I love the work! Love you all, until next time!

Elder Ball

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