Monday, September 1, 2014

Peace (Vairao - week #18)

Ia ora na tout le monde!
Its been an interesting week, to say the least. Life is good with Elder Millett, he's definitely the life of the party.  Anyway not too sure what to share, but we've had some great lessons with our investigators! Last week we started the lessons with an investigator who came to the our temple trip. Her name is I---, and she's the total bomb! Her faith in Heavenly Father is already super strong, and she's looking for the truth, learning a little from the Adventists. Elder Millett and I had an awesome lesson with her on the Restoration, and when she learned about the Book of Mormon, she was stoked to learn that more scripture exists. She was even more stoked when she learned that God can answer her prayers through the power of the Holy Ghost. She said that if she receives a response to her prayers, she will indeed be baptized. We proposed her baptism by saying "there will be a service for baptism September 27th." like you should, but before we finish her member friend, sister H-----, was all like "oh really? For who?" That's when we kinda nudged our heads like "hello, it's hers!" Haha it was funny, she finally understood. I--- said "wow, you guys received that revelation just now for my baptism? So cool!" She's so open to the Spirit and her faith is incredible. She even wanted to join us and the ward missionaries in a fast this weekend, and she pulled through the whole way. We're excited for the progress that she'll make in learning the gospel.

Also, for a couple weeks now we've been teaching a man named N-----. Not a long time ago, his wife left him and his children, and he came to us as a reference from his member uncle asking us to find his wife in Papara. Well, it's sad but we couldn't guarantee that we could bring his wife back to him, but at least we could guarantee him peace through the gospel of Jesus Christ! Even though we told him this, he accepted the lessons, and we gave the reference to the sisters in Papara anyway to go see his wife. We had a great lesson with him on the Plan of Salvation. Seriously, there is nothing like the Plan of Salvation to give purpose to someone's life. He felt the Spirit super strongly, and he even came to church Sunday and had a great experience with the members who welcomed him and everything.
Haha, about the fast this week, awkward experience. I started fasting Saturday night. But Sunday, there was a little bit of a mix up because our dinner with a member family, the T family, was switched by them to the afternoon, since there was a fireside that night. I explained to them in advance that I wouldn't be able to eat but Elder Millett could (since he was sick and wasn't fasting), but that they could eat anyway, I could spend the time with them and that I could take the food home with me. Well when I show up, the food was all laid out, but they had seemed to forgotten the fact that I was fasting, so I reminded them. I was really torn by the choice between being loyal and continuing my fast with the ward missionaries or pleasing the members and eating. They told me I could do whatever I wanted and that either wouldn't bother them, but it was pretty obvious that they wanted me to break my fast. I couldn't blame them. But I went in the backroom to pray and ask Heavenly Father what should be done. I felt pretty clearly that if I started the fast, I should endure to the end, and that this family would understand, so I came back and told them. Then Frere T was all like, "that is a great choice Elder Ball. So, out of respect we shall wait with you and not eat until later!" That's when Satan invited himself over. The wife and children were like "What?!" and pretty soon the whole family was murmuring and the father was pretty much saying stuff like "don't let Satan get ahold of your hearts!!" The wife got up and went into her bedroom. I explained that I really didn't care if they ate in front of me, I just wanted to converse with them. Elder Millett started to say "dude, I'm uncomfortable..." Before things heated up too much, I quickly went and broke my fast, and we all ate together happily. It was just an unfortunate turn of events. Heavenly Father knows I wanted to make the right choice!
Well, there are many things that happened this week, but I could only fit the greatest in. I love you all and the adventures of Elder Ball and Elder Millett shall continue. Peace.

Elder Ball

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