Monday, September 15, 2014

Shoulder to the Plow (Vairao - week #20 )

Ia ora na!

Ill be quick this week. We haven't had too much excitement, but on a mission its impossible to have nothing to talk about so inaha te parau api!

P------- and C------- are doing fine. Still hurting a ton, but doing fine. We had a lesson with them this week, and in the beginning it was hard, because C------- expressed her hate and how she's pretty much lost her faith in God, asking why He would take her daughter when they've believed in Him all their life. We were able to explain the Plan of Salvation again, and that trials and tragedies are just a part of this mortal life that happens to everyone, not just the wicked. In explaining the atonement of Jesus Christ and how He makes up for the wrong in life, the Holy Ghost came and testified and calmed things down a little bit. These kinds of lessons are just difficult. It takes seriously careful listening to the investigator and to the Spirit to say the right things in a sensitive situation. But by the end of the lesson, we were all at peace. I love this family so much, and desire their happiness above all.

We had a cool contact experience as well. We felt prompted to go see an old investigator after P------ and C-------'s lesson. We get there to find her nephew who said that she moved to France... well we talk to the nephew, his name's T-------. We explain a little bit what we do and he agreed to meet with us the following day. And the next day during our lesson, we talk with him and just his style and his character totally reminds us of N----, another investigator of ours. We ask him what his last name is, and he tells us. Hmm, same last name as N----. We ask him if he's related to N----, and he says "yeah... hes my bro!" What are the chances, honestly! We had a good first contact with him and left him a brochure on the Restoration, and he totally loved what we taught.

Things are also going well with T------. Shes down to be baptized as soon as possible, she just needs her father's permission since shes only 16. She's been doing her best to be a good example in the family and changing her adolescent behavior (you know how teens are. I was there!) We also explained the Word of Wisdom this week. She explained to us that she drinks coffee every morning and that shes willing and able to stop completely, but only if she has something else in the house to drink every morning. So the next day at church, Elder Millett and I bring over our tin of Milo and happily give it to her. She has no excuse now!

Sadly, despite our little miracle last week, we lost I--, one of our prime investigators. She told us at the beginning of our lesson that she was more attracted to the Adventist church, and was pretty set on being baptized. There wasn't much else that we could do, so we left our final testimony saying that despite the attractiveness of a church, nothing matters as much as being cleansed of our sins through proper ordinances performed through priesthood authority, and that the Book of Mormon is proof that these proper ordinances and this priesthood authority exist in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But we respected her choice, and said we'd always be there if she wanted to know more. It was sad, but we did our job, and we wont stand guilty before God at the last day for not doing our best!

That's the dealio for this week. We've been working hard, and shall continue to work hard. I love you all, have yourselves a great week!

Elder Ball

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