Monday, September 22, 2014

Small but significant (Vairao - week #21)

Ia ora na!

It's been another short week. It feels like this week Elder Millett and I were caught up in a lot of zone business, and that involved a lot of driving around in between areas and helping the other missionaries, and naturally the amount of lessons we taught this week was pretty small. But the magical thing is, when we need to go over to another area, the lessons that we had planned during that time are miraculously cancelled by a phone call from our investigators. So in the end, Heavenly Father arranges things for us so that we can get things done that we need to. I'ts awesome.

We had a solid lesson with T-------- this week, the investigator that we found last week trying to contact an old investigator. We taught the Restoration, and I tell ya there is nothing better than teaching that lesson super well with your companion so that the investigator completely understands and feels the Spirit. We had just finished testifying near the end of the lesson, and before we even had the chance to invite, T-------- asked us "What happens if I'm baptized twice? Cuz I'm already baptized Protestant." We explained to him the need of authority in baptism, and that without it baptism cannot be done and be accepted by God. He understood, we invited him to be baptized by someone holding authority, and he accepted! Only the second visit and he accepted, he's truly been waiting for this message. 

With N----, the brother of T--------, he accepted a date as well, for the beginning of November. We're sure that he'll be ready way before that, but he didn't wanna do it any sooner. He's so awesome! We did a follow up with him on the Book of Mormon, and it turns out that he had a pretty powerful response to his prayer that the book is true. N---- is honestly super humble and open to the Spirit, it's no wonder that he got an answer fast enough! He's already gotten over some hard trials, and he is truly becoming happier and happier every time we see him. I love the guy!

This weekend we had our stake conference for the Papeari stake. It was an awesome experience, and I sure learned so many great things from the leaders. We had the privilege of Elder Adolf Johansson of the Seventy came and shared some outstanding messages with us. Perhaps one of the greatest things when he shared a Tongan saying with us (I'm not even gonna try to spell it) that means "small and significant". He talked about how in the world, the islands are small, but so significant because there are Priesthood holders to be found even on these islands. He also talked about how God will not fail. Joseph Smith saw our day, and when he sent missionaries out in the islands he knew that the church would flourish there. He said himself, "The Standard of Truth has been erected; no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing; persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, armies may assemble, calumny may defame, but the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly, and independent, till it has penetrated every continent, visited every clime, swept every country and sounded in every ear, till the purposes of God shall be accomplished, and the Great Jehovah shall say the work is done."

Sometimes I, personally, feel small and insignificant in my weaknesses while working in the Lord's vineyard, but God will not fail, so neither can I. As Ammon stated, "I will boast of my God, for in His strength I can do all things." There seriously is nothing to fear or doubt in missionary work. Even though we're one person, we're still a part of it, and with His help we can get it done.

That's the week! I love you all and I hope that you all have a great week this week.

Ma te aroha,
Elder Ball

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